Fiberglass 1,9 m hot tub with overflow system

HOT TUB TEAM want to introduce a new model - fiberglass hot tub with overflow system. This hot tub is special because water excess will always run out into the water reservoir, which is under the benches. Water from reservoir comes back from filtration system (if hot tub is without filtration system, water comes back from circulation pump) and that is why water in hot tub is always clean.

Hot tub is made of fiberglass – pearly color (shiny grey). There is also possibility to choose other color from RAL pallet.

This hot tub is for - 8-10 persons.

Internal diameter – 190 cm

External diameter – 246 cm

Hot tub height – 115 cm

Water quantity ~2000 l

Reservoir quantity ~700-800 l

Hot tub trim is made of thermowood, this wood is thermally modified. Thermowood do not react to climate changes and is long-lived. (there is possibility to choose spruce or larch wooden trim).


This hot tub could be heated with:

Hot tub consists of:

  1.      Fiberglass tub;
  2.      Reservoir (made of polypropylene)
  3.      Thermowood trim;
  4.      Top round edging- wooden grates;
  5.      Stainless steel hoop firmly surrounding the tub
  6.      Two-part lid-cover with wooden handles;
  7.      A type steps;
  8.      Walls and bottom insulation
  9.      External water release faucet
  10.   Hot tub oiling

Additional items you could select in right side.

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£ 5,300.00

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