190cm hot tub with overflow system!!!

Hot Tub Team create the newest model – hot tub with overflow system. It‘s extraordinary is that water always goes to reservoir where water is cleaned through filtration system and go back to hot tub. (if there is no filtration system then water goes to circulation pump). This invention let keeps water always clean and at same level.

Hot tub made of pearl color fiberglass material, but You can choose every color from RAL palette.

Hot tub can fits 8-10 persons.

Internal diameter – 190cm.

External diameter – 246cm.

Height – 115cm.

Capacity – about 2000 liters of water.

Capacity of reservoir – about 700-800 liters of water.

Hot tub wooden trim is form thermal wood. This kind of wood is thermally processed and hasn‘t any resins and has more resistant by climate changes (also can change into larch or spruce wood).

Standard hot tub set:

  1.       190cm fiberglass tank. Color can be any from RAL palette;
  2.       Reservoir tank (made of plastic);
  3.       Upper part (wooden grates);
  4.       Thermal wood trim (wooden decoration around tub)
  5.       Stainless steel hoop firmly surrounding the tub;
  6.       A type stairs;
  7.       External water faucet;
  8.       All tub oiling;
  9.       External aluminum stove with insulation 35 KW+2m chimney;
  10.    All hot tub insulation with special foam;
  11.    External stove decoration with wood;
  12.    Two-part lid-cover with wooden handles;
  13.    Air massage system 750W, 6 jets in seats makes air massage;
  14.    Hydro massage 750W, 6 jets in walls makes water massage;
  15.    Filtration system (quartz sand, 2500 liters per hour);
  16.    3 LED lights, 6 different RGB colors with many shades.

Price with VAT. Delivery to whole Europe/ 3-5 weeks.

This hot tub well fits for homestead, motels, hotels because it can use many people at one time.

£ 8,550.00

£ 9,500.00


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