Grill - Barbecue

Great, extremely durable outdoor grill/barbecue designed by the latest trends. Structural, easily foldable SSAB Domex 355ML machined steel allows produce the most optimal roasting device. Due to very sturdy and easily foldable constructions of steel there is no welded joints. Usage of this high quality steel which is thermos-machined at low temperature (-60 degrees) guarantees a solid construction and environmentally product.


Grill specifications:


  •          Grill walls thickness 4mm;
  •          Bottom grilles made of cast iron (named spit)
  •          Upper grilles made of stainless stell
  •          Handle made for Your safety, just pressed it down.
  •          This grill haven’t any welded joints so it didn’t change a shape

Shipping to all Europe (7 working days)

5 Years Warranty


£ 359.37

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